Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2 Corinthians 11

Two things are amazing to me in this chapter:
  • The clarity of his description of Satan's mode of operation. Satan is not all about the evil and disgusting, the scary and magical, but about the alluring and mostly good. If he showed up with pitchfork and horns and a red jumpsuit, people would not be fooled in the least. The best lie always masquerades as truth. What looks good may be the most dangerous!
  • The degree to which Paul suffered for the church. He lists this as an authentication of his ministry. While he has several positive credentials -- Hebrew of Hebrews, Tribe of Benjamin, etc. -- no false apostle can match what he has suffered! I am genuine because of what I've endured. The last line always gets me. . . "Besides all this, I have the daily concern for all the churches." The other suffering is external, but this is internal and incessant.

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