Wednesday, September 02, 2009

1 Corinthians 15:1-28

This is of first importance! Not many things are first. The resurrection is the starting point. The end is that God might be all in all. The resurrection is primary because the victory it testifies places God in the Supreme place in the universe!

Was caught off-guard by the statement preceding the historical events of the gospel. He said, "Which I preached, which you believed and on which you have taken your stand and through which you are saved (I expected this much) -- if you hold fast! Didn't expect that. The resurrection power of God preserving a believer is necessary if someone is going to be saved.

The enemy language is very descriptive. God is placing His enemies under his footstool, both Satan and death! Hurray for the resurrection!

He uses two separate words for "worthless" -- empty and futile. Clearly the gospel is void of its significance if Christ is not raised.

I cannot escape Paul's reasoning that we are most miserable without a resurrection. The question is this: do you live life in such a way that only makes sense if there is a resurrection? That's how he thinks a Christian is supposed to live.

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