Tuesday, June 02, 2009

John 18

What wild swings Peter experiences in these final days of Jesus' life. He pledges his undying devotion, then he falls asleep in prayer (other gospels). He chops of the ear of a servant, flailing in Jesus' defense, then he denies Jesus. The spiritual flailing itself is an indicator of Jesus' words, "Satan has desired to sift you. . ." Spiritual flailing around is characteristic of Satanic influence, I think.

Peter's denial sends chills down my spine. It was causeless. It made no sense for him to deny Jesus.

When Jesus said, "I am." (cf. Exodus 3:14)The cohort of 600 men dropped to the ground! Wow! That's the coolest thing!

John doesn't even mention the kiss, like the other writer's do.

Pilate must have thought Jesus was out of his mind when he said, "My kingdom is not of this world." Who would say that? An alien?

Pilate's response to Jesus is classic, "What is truth?" That has been the question forever! Jesus had just said that those who are are of the truth listen to him. Obviously Pilate wasn't listening to Jesus. . . He condemned himself.

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