Saturday, June 27, 2009

Acts 14

This chapter is one of the two great perils of Christian ministry -- overestimating the servant of God and undervaluing the servant of God -- and of the two, this is the worst. Imagine preaching the living God and people make you out to be the incarnation of their pagan deity! Yikes! We have a breakdown in communication here, for sure.

Paul spent much of the letters to the Corinthians addressing their undervaluing of him. But, of the two problems the one in this chapter is by far the most catastrophic.

A few other things stand out here. God used persecution to move Barnabas and Paul where He wanted them next. It must have felt crummy to be stoned, but good to move to the next fruitful place.

This sermon is interesting. It is the only one so far that does not get to the cross. He refers only to common grace -- rain, bread and joy.

When they were returning they strengthened the souls of the disciples, encouraging them to remain in the faith because it was necessary through many afflictions to enter the kingdom of God." I need that encouragement and want to be that kind of encourager. This brought joy to the brothers.

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