Monday, June 08, 2009

Acts 2:22-47

The first thing I notice in this sermon is that Peter is saying the same things to the same crowd that Jesus said. But, the Holy Spirit is doing a new thing.

The preaching was rooted in the scripture, fixed on a sovereign God who does whatever he determines, aimed at repentance, and fruitful beyond imagination. That's how I want to preach.

My vision for a church comes from here -- for preaching, for life together, and for relationships with outsiders. It is hard to imagine a more peaceful, simple, joyful church experience than this very first one. What church would not want to emulate this group?

I wonder, though, is it possible for a church to continue in doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer like this and expect similar results? Is this designed to be normal or is it a special work of grace? God, no doubt, intended his church to be this kind of focal point and source of joy.

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