Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Acts 12

What a fun account of God's answering prayer. They prayed for Peter, God freed him and they thought the servant girl who told them about it was crazy. Peter probably thought that, too, when she left him knocking at the door.

Peter was miraculously delivered from prison --- James wasn't. God could have sent an angel for James, too, but He didn't. Am I okay with God being sovereign and making those kinds decisions?

Herod was planning to kill Peter, then Luke records, "But the church was earnestly praying. . ." That made a ton of difference! May history record for our church. . . "But the church was earnestly praying!"

Herod is eaten by worms! Yeah! And, a little on the gross side. It's interesting there is a Greek word for 'being eaten by worms.'

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