Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Acts 16:1-25

Lots happens here. We meet Timothy. He has witnesses to his character and ministry in two cities. Even though the council in chapter 15 said it was unnecessary, Paul has him circumcised. I understand that it was not a theological reason (to participate in the covenant, or earn God's approval), it was because the questions it would raise wouldn't be worth it and would distract from the message.

The Holy Spirit prevented them from going to Asia and did not permit them to go to Bithinia. What is the difference between those two and the level of His involvement? What did it look like to Paul? I'll bet he didn't like it at all! But, He did it so they would end up in a prayer place with a bunch of God-fearing women, so that Lydia would get saved. Interesting the Holy Spirit would have to sovereignly direct this band of apostles to a privileged Roman colony for all this to take place.

I didn't realize that Philippi was in Macedonia and that is where Paul went because of his vision.

Again, economics drove the presecution. The afflicted girl could make not profit for her pimps after she was delivered. Interesting.

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Diane said...

After reading this chapter in the bible, I was a bit perplexed at first about this girl. The demon in her proclaimed Paul et al to be servants of the Lord, "who proclaim to you the way of salvation." What could be wrong with that? Except she kept it up ad nauseum, until Paul grew weary of it. Casting out her demon meant she couldn't earn her keepers any more money! This act caused them to be drug before the rulers, beaten and imprisoned. I like the way the Lord uses it for good, however. It was awesome that when the magistrates set them free by word of the jailor, an (indignant?) Paul sent word back that they should come themselves to free them!