Monday, June 01, 2009

John 17

I am enjoying this part of John so much. Reading it is its own reward. Every moment spent meditating on it meets with some golden vein that is more than worth the effort.

Here is Jesus' outreach strategy: Love between his followers "That the world might know that you sent me." The relationship between the Father and Jesus is essential. You must know that. It is indispensable.

Unity between God and Jesus and between Jesus and us is an end or goal of Jesus ministry. He has given us the word from the Father to the end that He might be one with us like the Father and He are one.

Several other things stand out:
  • The eternal glory of Jesus is about to be restored!
  • The disciples belong to Jesus.
  • Both glory and followers are gifts to Jesus from the Father.
  • That we might reflect a trinitarian love is a priority to God.
  • Our set-apartness is a function of the Word of God.

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