Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Luke 5

Sometimes I feel like I've never even read this book before.

Jesus effortlessly moves from one draining/amazing miracle to another. He raised Peter's mother-in-law by "rebuking" the fever. Interesting.

Before calling Simon, Jesus commandeered his boat, preached from it, went out with them into the deep, brought in a record catch, returned to shore, and THEN dismissed the crowd. This was a public event!

Peter had already been fishing. He replied to Jesus, "By your word we will do it again." That is how I feel about many of my 'fishing-for-men' experiences. If only He would fill the nets with people!

After cleansing the leper and many others, Jesus withdrew to the wilderness to pray. Any connection between his being filled with the Spirit and his prayer?!

After he healed the paralytic, everyone was amazed and said, "Today we have seen something incredible." Do you think? I love the understatement.

Levi left everything and followed Christ. . . except his friends. He threw a party to bring them along with him to Jesus!

The wineskins parable is almost universally misapplied. Jesus' takeaway is simply, "The old wine is better!" He is not celebrating the new, but the old.

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Tiff said...

I think it's interesteing that Simon is changed by an extaordinary thing happening in his ordinary daily work. It wasn't on a mountain, during a crisis or at a revival.

What was the testimony to the priests v14? A chance to recognize the messiah and embrace his ministry? A chastisement-forshadowing of the conflict to come?

The "old" what is better?