Thursday, April 16, 2009

Luke 12:1-34

Don't think you can keep sin secret. Attempts to be hypocritical will be unsuccessful. You will be found out. That alone is one reason not to be a hypocrite.

Don't fear those who can only hurt you. If someone can only hurt you, that is an insufficient to fear them. Fear God. But don't fear God. Because God loves you. He loves you way more than the sparrows he watches over. So, He'll take care of you. Since God cares for things of lesser value, you can assume He'll care for you who are of greater value.

Luke really, really trusts the Holy Spirit. He will help you in the spur of the moment. Am I willing to be trust God when I don't know what to do.

Guard yourselves against greed. . . become rich toward God. This will be sound investing, your treasure will never be at risk. The Christian's relationship to money says everything about their relationship to God. Don't worry. . . Oh you of little faith. The rich fool talks to himself, "Self". God talks to him, "Fool". This whole discussion reminds me of an American suburb.

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