Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Luke 20:27-46

Jesus' response to the Sadducee's fictitious story is instructive and different than recorded in Mark. Here he says:
  • Sons of eternity don't marry or are given in marriage.
  • To be counted worthy of eternity means that you don't make marriage in heaven an issue.
  • Marriage and death are somehow connected. Because you don't die in heaven, you don't marry.
  • Sons of the resurrection are like angels.
  • Because God is God of the living marriage in heaven isn't a question.
You get a heightened sense of panic on the part of the leaders to try to stop Jesus. Yet everything they do backfires. His answers to their questions are so good that it reinvorced the people's opinions about how marvelous he was. Finally, Jesus posed a technical, grammatical question they had no answer for -- checkmate! Jesus was making sure he got crucified.

Then he adds this about the scribes:
  • Walk around in fine threads.
  • love the be greeted.
  • love the best seats in the house, church, or dining establishment.
  • devour widows houses.
  • make a pretense of long prayers.
Therefore, they will receive greater judgment.

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