Saturday, April 18, 2009

Luke 13

Suffering, or lack of suffering, is not directly proportional to merit. Jesus' message when one encounters unjust or undeserved suffering is the same as the message of Job -- Repent.

The fig tree got a one year reprieve to become fruitful. The message is simple -- don't just take up space!

Satan had physically afflicted a 'daugther of Abraham.' How can he do that? He must have some latitude to afflict believers. His critics would do for their animals what they would not do for this woman.

Jesus calls people from all four directions to his kingdom. I'm in Luke 13:29! The question posed to Jesus is one I ask all the time, "Why are so few saved?"

His lament over Jerusalem is precious. After the simple expression of his love, "you would not." Sad words.

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