Thursday, April 09, 2009

Luke 9:38-62

The boy with the unclean spirit gave Jesus an occasion to explain what he expects from his followers. He told his disciples they were an unbelieving and perverted generation because they cast out this demon. Jesus considered spiritual impotence to be unbelieving and perverted. Wow!

Jesus gets serious about getting to Jerusalem. The disciples didn't understand. When the Samaritans didn't either, John and James were ready to call down fire from heaven. It is interesting how quickly people who don't understand are quick to invite God's condemnation on others!

Great principle: Whoever is not against us is for us. Usually we operate with the opposite principle. This is much more inclusive and inviting.

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Diane said...

It's kind of interesting that after their bout of spiritual impotence J & J were ready to call down fire from heaven! I've noticed that the disciples seem to suffer from a bit of hubris at times--to wit, the time they were arguing amongst themselves about who was the greatest. Jesus put up with a lot from them (and me too!)