Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Colossians 3

This chapter is a slow motion look at how people are transformed by the gospel. It lists several important facets:
  • We, when we believe, are identified with Christ so that his death (Col. 3:3) and his resurrection (Col. 3:1) are ours.
  • That changes what we pursue with our lives and energy. Seek what is above, what belongs to Jesus. He has become to you as precious as life itself (Col. 3:1-2).
  • The activities and engagements that are in rebellion to God were killed on the cross, so actively reject them (Col. 3:5-9).
  • God is making you new, fashioning you to be like Jesus (Col. 3:10). So, actively engage in new behaviors and characteristics (Col. 3:12-17).
  • Note, the indicative (how things are) precedes the imperative (how things are supposed to be). God works, so you respond.
  • Live in your family and close relationships with Jesus in view. Love each other for His sake (Col. 3:18-25).
Challenge to Fathers (Col. 3:21): "Don't embitter your children, lest they lose their passion." (A literal translation). I need to father in such as way that the fire stays lit in my children!

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