Friday, October 23, 2009

1 Timothy 6

The language in this chapter is so significant that phrases here have made it into secular English vocabulary -- "Fight the good fight" and "Money is the root of all evil."

My chief takeaways from this chapter come near the end. After reminding us of the love of money being a root of all evil (a more accurate translation than the one above), we are told to pursue virtue not wealth and to fight the good fight of faith. It occurred to me that the fitght of faith may be a fight to believe that money is not the greatest and highest good in this life.

This same conflict is made clear in 1 Timothy 6:17. Put your hope, not in deceitful riches, but in God. Your hope is going to be in one or the other. Money is a direct rival for God! That explains why those who desire to be rich, have many trials and fall into a snare and get plunged into destruction. They have worshiped another God!

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