Thursday, October 22, 2009

1 Timothy 5

Here is another chapter describing the specific relationships within a congregation. Here is some of the practical advice:
  • Treat church people like family.
  • Take care of vulnerable widows, making sure they meet certain criteria so you don't do harm to them, the church and the reputation of Christ. Don't give Satan opportunity. Make sure the family fulfills their obligations first.
  • Honor elders. Don't let anyone say anything they want about them. (Once some things are out, they can't be retrieved).
  • Be careful not to show favoritism.
Now, some people's sin goes before them. That is, their sin is obvious. Others' sin follows after. Either way sin haunts people. Sometimes people's good works are obvious, too. In other words, what people really are may not be clear now, but it will become evident.

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