Monday, October 19, 2009

1 Timothy 2

Again, we read another unmistakable plea to be people of prayer. He piles three synonyms for prayer on top of one another as though he cannot urge us strongly enough. The subjects for the prayer are "all people" and "kings." The reason for the prayer is so that we can live quiet and peaceful lives before God.

Apparently, this quiet, peaceful life is the means for other people coming to faith. God wants all to be saved and has provided one mediator -- Jesus. Jesus brings men and God together. That's why he was sent.

He urges men everywhere to pray, with holy hands lifted and with a good attitude. Do I pray as often as I should? That seems really, really important.

Women should be modest, matching their profession of godliness. They should learn. They should learn and not be disruptive. And, they should not run the church.

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