Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Romans 7:7-25

If sin receives opportunity through the law, the way to fight sin is NOT by bringing in more law! Why do we do that? Becoming more uptight about my coveting will only increase coveting.

This chapter explains the ongoing struggle with sin. It is agonizing and elegant the way he exposes the treachery of the human heart. The use of the word "law" is key to making sense of the struggle:
  • First, the law means God's law. This is how he used it earlier, too, and it is good.
  • Then he begins to us it differently, "another law" (Rom. 7:23). This other law represents the tyranny of sinful desires still present in him (Rom. 7:21). His desire to submit to God's law is compromised by the rule of this other law that makes him do what he doesn't want to do.
How is the second law overcome? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ (Rom. 7:25).

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