Monday, July 27, 2009

Romans 6

Jesus Christ has given so much freedom. The point of this chapter is for us to stop sinning. While more work can be done to distill a strategy to fight sin, here are a few key elements to winning over sin:
  • Be united with Christ and know it. (Rom. 6:1-10, especially 3,6,9).
  • Consider (reason, this is the word we get logic from) yourself dead to sin (Rom. 6:11).
  • Refuse to let sin reign (Rom. 6:12).
  • Present yourself and your members to God to obey (Rom. 6:13, 15-17, 19).
  • Remind yourself of grace (Rom. 6:14-15).
  • Consider the nature of your slavery to sin. You do not need to reenlist (Rom. 6:16-20).
  • Consider the end or final outcome of sin (Rom. 6:21-23). Romans 6:23 for all its use in gospel presentations, is written so we will be motivated not to sin and to appropriate God's gift.

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