Monday, July 20, 2009

Romans 1

Romans: So many treasures here.

While I've known and loved Romans 1:16-17 for a long time, I hadn't noticed that Paul considered himself obligated to Barbarians and ignorant people (Romans 1:14 -- toned down in most translations). That couldn't be a very pleasant obligation. Made me look at my life to see who I am obligated to.

Key Point: Everyone is accountable before God because general revelation is sufficient to know enough about God to honor Him. Failure to do that brings judgment. Honoring Him because of general revelation brings the gospel by which one can be saved.

I am struck, too, by the plight of the natural man. Not just that God gave them over to their desires, but that based on natural revelation, they are without defense. It is important to see their offenses are against God. Sin and guilt have to do with God.

The process of exchanging the truth for a lie, the creation for the creator, is tragic and rampant around us. God's delivering people to their own desires is tragic, too.

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