Thursday, July 09, 2009

Acts 20:17-38

While this passage is used to commend small groups (house to house), and doctrinal preaching (all the will of God) and shepherding (watch out for wolves), the most striking feature is the warmth of the relationships between him and the elders. All of these are components of eldering, but the last is the most neglected.

This is a tender passage. It is cleansing and sober at the same time. His review of his own activity and motives reminds them that he brought them grace. He was not mercenary. His affection, their mutual grief, as they part ways shows the tenderness of their relationship. This tender love is indispensable to Christian leadership.

Proclaiming the whole will of God frees him from guilt. Do preachers who slant their message bear the responsibility for those who listen to them? Apparently.

They must watch the flock. The Holy Spirit made you an overseer. Jesus bought it. Wolves will destroy it.

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