Thursday, May 07, 2009

Luke 24:1-35

Every account of the resurrection is full of unbelief. No one believes the women. They didn't believe the scriptures. How is it that the resurrection presents the same crisis of faith as Jesus' life does. Year after year we here the same thing, we hear the same thing at Easter. We expect a resurrection after a cross. What an incredible thing it would be to be discovering it that first day. Their attempts to figure it out must have been so emotional, so confused and ultimately so weak compared to the hope!

I love the road to Emmaus. Jesus declared the scriptures to explain the crucifixion and resurrection. Their hearts burned. And they recognized him in the bread. Cool!


Diane said...

Why do you suppose their eyes 'were kept from recgnizing him?' (verse 16) Was it important that Jesus explain the scriptures to them first? Or was it because they weren't really believing that He rose from the dead?

RevReav said...

This is a fascinating question. I believe these disciples are typical of all people. Seeing Christ for who he is requires supernatural intervention for all of us. They were not unusual in this regard. John 6:44 and John 6:45 both are very clear about this. This is what I believe the answer to be, anyway.

All the disciples needed their eyes opened to understand the scriptures, too (Luke 24:45).