Saturday, May 30, 2009

John 15

Spiritual life and vitality sing off this page! This is a fruitful, meaningful life. This is the very life of Christ coursing through me, a branch, bearing fruit. Oh, God, this is how I long to be fruitful.

The world loves its own. Jesus has called us out, so they won't love us. We've not chosen him, but he's chosen us. He's not kept God a secret, but has made him known to us. Wow, almost every sentence in this chapter is life-changing.

Things I love about this chapter:
  • My job is to remain in Christ.
  • I do this by remaining in his word.
  • That's the only way any life or fruit comes to me.
  • I have carte blanche if I abide -- ask ANYTHING!
  • Much fruit glorifies the Father.
  • Love for other people is the result of abiding.
  • This identification with Jesus will cause those who hate him to hate me.
  • The Holy Spirit witnesses to Jesus. . . and helps me abide.
  • I can do nothing without Jesus.

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