Sunday, May 03, 2009

Luke 22:1-35

You can feel the tension throughout this chapter. The scribes 'rejoiced' at a plan to capture Jesus when he was away from the crowd.

I'd never noticed that Jesus sent Peter and John to make the preparations. He sent his best troops on a routine mission where he'd already paved the way. The encounter in the city seems spontaneous when they meet a guy with a pot on his head. How do you stage that?

There is a lot of kingdom talk here. Jesus wouldn't eat again until he was in his kingdom. You all will drink around my table in the kingdom. I confer on you a kingdom. The one who leads is as the one serves.

Peter's arrogance in not on display here as much as Jesus' sovereignty over Satan. Such sovereign strength and resolve, "Satan has asked. . . I have prayed for your faith. . . when you return strengthen your brothers."

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