Monday, March 09, 2009

Mark 8:1-30

Jesus asked the same question this time as he did when he had 5,000 to feed, "How much bread do you have?" Assessment was the first step in the miracle process. If they'd had a warehouse, I suppose a miracle wouldn't have been needed. Jesus is fond of doing miracles with ordinary ingredients. If I'm going to ask Him for a miracle, I can expect him to ask me first, "What do you have?"

Jesus minced no words with them. They were not getting it. He applied to them the same quote from Isaiah that he used on the Pharisees. Not a complimentary quotation, either.

The blind man was healed in two stages. I don't normally think of miracles taking place in steps. In fact, I wonder how many miracles I miss because I give up on them too early.

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