Monday, March 23, 2009

Mark 14:27-52

Why is this prayer in Gethsemane in the Bible? To show conflict within Jesus, maybe. To show obedience and submission to the Father's will, for sure. To show the feeble will of the disciples. To show the importance of prayer. To show the centrality of the cross, after all, God was able to do anything and He still sent Jesus to the cross.

I think, if I was a disciple, the prayer in the garden would have been the same. I'd have probably slept, too. It was late after all and their eyelids were heavy. Jesus' technique for avoiding temptation is simple -- Watch and Pray.

The betrayer's kiss will forever be the ultimate story of betrayal. The evil is almost suffocating.

Where does the naked fleeing man come from? What a curious detail! How would you like to be in the Bible for that reason?

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