Monday, March 02, 2009

Mark 4:1-20

I love this! The sower is indiscriminate about dispensing the word. He even appears careless.

Satanic opposition comes, not to the sower, but to the recipients of the seed, by removing the word before it can take root.

For others, their rapid response is related to their rapid demise. They lack sufficient root. Perhaps care should be taken to cultivate so they can take root better. It is best NOT to insist on a fast response unless there's deep soil.

The word may be choked out by lack (the cares of the world) or by plenty (the deceitfulness of riches).

Any farmer knows the purpose of this parable is the grain in the end. What farmer is content with live, but sickly plants that don't produce a harvest? He is not sowing a lawn!

Oddly, the parables are intended to hide the spiritual reality of the kingdom from hard hearts.

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Tiff said...

I don't understand why Jesus would want to hide the meaning of the parables from anyone, especially since understanding might cause men to "turn and be forgiven" (v.12 and Isaiah). I realize that not everyone can be given the gift of salvation (else where would glory come for God), but if someone hears but can't understand, what chance do they have?