Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mark 6:30-57

Cool things about this text:
  • Jesus was on a retreat. He was so busy he didn't have time to eat. . . I always have time to eat!
  • The disciples had already researched how much bread and fish they had before Jesus even asked.
  • He prayed while they strained at the oars. In the end, they both made it the same distance. I wonder if I prayed more and strained less, if I'd get as far?
  • He walked on the water because he wanted to go to them. His was a relational motivation that turned out to be quite spectacular.
  • They did not learn the lesson of the loaves. . . so they were surprised.
They had witnessed the two most spectacular supernatural events, back-to-back, prior to the resurrection. They were face-to-face with majesty . . . and they missed it. Their hearts were stubborn. Oh, God, don't let me be like that!

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