Friday, March 20, 2009

Mark 12

Mark's editorial comment, "They knew he spoke this against them. . .", tells us how obvious and how stinging this story was to the original listeners.

Jesus saw the real issues behind their questions. I think the "render unto Caesar" answer is the best answer to any question ever!

Interesting the Sadducees asked a question about something they didn't believe in. They were deceived because they did not know the power of God or the Scriptures. How many people today are easily deceived for the same reasons?


Diane said...

I was wondering what significance there is about the right hand. For example, in verse 36 "The Lord said to my Lord, Sit at my right hand, till I put thy enemies under thy feet"? I mean, you never see the left hand refereced. Was this something significant in the culture at that time?

Diane said...

Another thought just came to me... Jesus told the Sad'ducees that they were wrong, because they didn't know the scripture or the power of God. It seems to me that errors in thinking occur due to a lack of knowledge of the scriptures. I wonder if the Sad'ducees misread scripture, interpreted it incorrectly, or maybe they didn't read it at all. Anyway, it just strikes me that this is a way for error to creep in, which can end up clouding our understanding of scripture--what once started as scripture has turned out to become a tradition of men.

RevReav said...

You're right, the right hand was favored. It spoke of power or strength. To sit at the right hand was to sit in a place of honor.

I don't know about the Sadducees, but a lot of people today don't believe in the resurrection or afterlife because it is pretty hard to verify objectively. It doesn't submit to scientific inquiry very well. So. . . people have to chose the scriptures or experience.
Thanks Diane.