Monday, January 26, 2009

Matthew 9:18-38

I love it that the mourners laughed at Jesus! How ironic!

Jesus stopped before he healed the blind men and asked, "Do you think I'm able to do this?" That would be a good question to ask before I pray. I better be convinced about that! These blind men believed without ever seeing a miracle.

Jesus strictly prohibited them from talking about him, but the spoke immediately. News spread. This is almost the same exact wording as in the preceding paragraph. The summary statements in each paragraph are essentially the same.

At the end of the chapter Jesus has compassion on the crowd. And he tells his disciples WHAT to pray for. There is a very short list of things Jesus tells us to pray for. . . workers for the harvest is a key one.

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Diane said...

I pray that the Lord will put a burden on our hearts to reach the unsaved.