Saturday, January 03, 2009

Getting Started, Part 2

What do you need to get started? Well. . . a New Testament. I also recommend that you purchase a daily planner.

A daily planner serves two purposes. It gives you a place to write prayer requests and observations from your reading. More importantly, though, I've found that a daily planner holds me accountable for reading every day. Otherwise, I have a blank page each time I miss.

I have one daily planner I will give in a drawing to one of the first ten people to sign up as followers of this blog. If we don't have 10 sign-ups before next Sunday, I'll draw from those who are signed up by then.

I'll post more on becoming follower and RSS feeds next week.


John said...

I'm willing. Doesn't have to be greek though does it?

Shirley Hanson said...

I may have submitted my name in the wrong place for the New Testament reading. So when I saw the comment by John in this spot, I thought maybe I should let you know again. I would love to read the New Testament with others in the New year.What a beautiful Christmas service this morning. The sermon and music just AWESOME.Thanks for all the time and effort spent. It also, is so good to have you back Scott.

Anonymous said...

Count me in.


John said...

Here's a link to an online bible that has a through the bible plan. Each day the link has the passage being read. You can skip the OT part if you want

Lauren Reavely said...

You can count me in too. :)
Great idea...I'm excited about it.