Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Matthew 2

One of the great things about reading the New Testament through in a year is that the Bible celebrates Christmas in January. . . just like New Life Church.

Two things stood out to me this time through. First, while Herod had good reason to be suspicious and agitated at the birth of a new king, a rival, the text says the whole town was stirred up. The news of the birth affected the citizens the same way it affected the king. I suspect, however, that they were stirred up for different reasons than Herod. No matter what, the news of a baby king was not quiet news. It leaked out and was one of the factors that led Herod to take such violent action.

Second, the angel told Joseph, twice, take "the child and his mother." This is not the normal way you would refer to a wife and baby. It clearly highlights the child and fades the mother into the background. This is a far cry from the exalted place Mary receives in Catholicism.


Tiff said...

Good old James Taylor. Good OLD advice.

"Yes they went home by another way,
Home by another way.
Maybe me and you can be wise guys too and go home by another way."

I've always loved this song.
All the lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/j/james+taylor/home+by+another+way_20069229.html
The video is pretty cheesy, but at least you can hear the tune.

RevReav said...

I did not expect a James Taylor comment. . .Sweet!