Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Here's the Plan

Beginning next Monday, January 12, I will begin posting each day some thoughts, questions, insights or thoughts from each chapter. I am currently reading very slowly, so I can catch up with a one-chapter-per-day post. I would love you to share comments on each chapter, or on one verse in each chapter, with the rest of us.

In the meantime, what can you do?
  • Read slowly like I am. Begin to develop the habit of sitting down each day at a certain time in a designated place and spending time with the Lord. Take notes so you can share them.
  • Plan to receive blog updates with some RSS (Really Simple Syndication) reader. You can keep checking back here to see if it has been updated (the hard way) or you can have a service notify you if it's been updated (the easy way, RSS). Here are my suggestions:
  • Sign up as a "follower" of this blog. (Point of clarification -- this is what enters you in the drawing for the daily planner. Though several people have indicated an interest in reading the NT, only a couple have signed up to follow). Simply click the link on the left.
  • If you are on Facebook, go to my profile and find the "Notes" tab and subscribe to notes from me.
  • Use the buttons to the left called Subscribe. These buttons will create an RSS feed for you. I'm not sure what "follower" does, other than help build a community of Bible readers.
Please let me know how the alternatives work for you. Thank you. I'm looking forward to reading together.

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