Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Revelation 4

John is invited into heaven. All kinds of things come into focus for him:
  • Brilliant and vivid colors -- jasper, carnelian and emerald! This is not an ordinary black and white dream.
  • The arrangement of the furniture -- a central throne surrounded by 24 others.
  • Twenty-four elders on those thrones all dressed in white wearing crowns.
  • Seven lamp stands near the center.
  • Strange creatures who's chief characteristic is that they are alive!
  • A crystal sea.
The actions consists of the living creatures saying, "Holy, Holy, Holy," and the elders taking off their crowns and bowing to worship.

I think the seven lamp stands draw us back to chapter 2-3 and the seven churches, even though the immediate reference is the seven spirits of God. The whole scene intentionally reminds us of Isaiah 6. The thunder and lightning from the throne compound the overwhelming aura of glory surrounding God.

What am I to think? Is this a solemn and reverent scene? Is is joyful and celebratory? Is it serene and peaceful? It is so perfect and so intimidating at the same time.

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