Monday, December 07, 2009

Revelation 2

Several things stand out here:
  • Each letter is written to the angel (or, messenger) of each church.
  • Jesus authors each letter and connects his byline to one of the characteristics in the opening description.
  • The general format is: 1) "I know. . ." 2) "I have something against you. . ." 3) "This is how to fix the problem. . . " 4) Here are the consequences (good and bad).
  • The reality of the unseen world leaps off the page. I can't help but wonder how this looked in each church. On the surface, it probably looked like a regular church. But, Jezebel and Satan were there!
  • The church at Ephesus had left its first love.
  • The last works of the church at Thyatira were greater than the first.
  • He had nothing against the church at Smyrna and only a small thing against Pergamum.
  • "To the one who overcomes." Jesus expects victory!

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