Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Revelation 22

The scene around the throne and of the river is so peaceful; my soul is refreshed reading it. We are supposed to remember the opening of the Bible. A garden, a river, a tree of life and the magnificent presence of God remind us of Eden. All is now as God intended it to be in the beginning.

We are told these things will happen quickly (Rev. 22:6-7). Jesus says he will come soon (Rev. 22:20).

These words are faithful and true. If you keep them you'll be blessed (Rev. 22:7).


Shirley said...

Pastor Scott,
I have so enjoyed reading through the New Testament with you this last year. Thank you for your comments and insight into the scriptures. Do you have anything for us on the horizon for 2010? That would be so nice if you do. Thanks again and have a Happy New Year!! Shirley

RevReav said...

Hi Shirley,
I'm not going to do something that other people can do along with me. But, I am planning to write a book next year, "100 Bible Verses Everyone Needs To Know." I think I will write my initial thoughts for that book here.

I'm glad you read through the NT this year and held me accountable to write something, too. Thanks. :o)