Monday, August 17, 2009

1 Corinthians 7

If God lays claim to a person's body and forbids relations with a prostitute, what are they to do about their sexual desires? Marriage! According to this text sexual fulfillment and sexual fidelty are central reasons to marry. Don't short-sell sexual desire as a motivation for marriage and an intended outcome of marriage.

The purpose of life, however is to please the Lord. It is easier, simpler, to please the Lord when you don't have to also please a spouse. If times are difficult, this becomes even more obvious. Paul had in mind some kind of brewing storm on the horizon. So, whether you marry or not, you should marry or not marry with reference to the Lord.

It is very interesting that this is the only place where you hear the Apostle sound self-conscious about his opinions. "I think I have the Spirit of God. . ." "I say this, but I don't have a command. . ." This word to us is no less inspired by God. We are not free to dismiss this as less-than-a-word-from God. What interests me is that he treads softly when he gets to home life, sexuality, marriage and divorce.

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