Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Matthew 21:1-27

The connection of the Triumphal Entry to Zechariah 9:9 is so obvious and strong that a devout Jewish reader would immediately recognize it. Jesus was riding in as a king, a unique kind of king.

"My house will be a house of prayer." The issue when Jesus cleaned out the temple was religious abuse, not money itself. The money changers and sacrifice sellers were withholding from people God's approval. They would have to buy a sacrifice to get right with God. What is that worth?

I still don't get the fig tree. . .

I love Jesus' response about John the Baptist. He actually was in the same predicament that he placed them in. If he said his own authority was from God, they'd have stoned him. If he said it was from man, they knew better because they were the authority. So, his answering a question with a question was brilliant!

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Anonymous said...

The kids and I are back in the parables still doing a little deeper study of them. Today we were reading McGee's comentary of the parable of the Tares. We were talking about false doctrin and I asked how we could discern the difference between the truth and false teaching? After a pause and a few responses I ended by saying, "right, by reading and studying the truth in our Bible..." Then Nate piped up and said, "you mean the GROWTH MANUAL."