Monday, February 02, 2009

Matthew 13:31-58

The parable of my life and our church is the parable of the treasure. Either the treasure is worth venturing everything to gain, or it isn't. It is a joyful thing to lose everything yet gain something of more value.

Jesus explains the parable of the weeds by saying simply, "This is that. . . and this is that." This is not the best way to understand parables unless you have Jesus telling you what is what. My chief question, though, is why? Why leave the weeds there now?

How tragic that Jesus is rejected by his friends and relatives in his home town, because they can't get over knowing his family.

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Diane said...

My question is, how many people would be in His kingdom if He decided to harvest the weeds during His lifetime? If harvesting the weeds would harm the wheat, like He said, then in His wisdom it's best to leave them there until He is ready to come back for the judgement (or else maybe only a handful would be in His kingdom?) I don't know; I'm making an inference. It really makes you wonder, though. I can only pray that living in this sinful world with its trials will build me into the christian He wants me to be--with lots of help from His word and the Holy Spirit, of course!