Sunday, July 24, 2011

How to Know You Believe in a Different Jesus

In reading John 2:1-11, when Jesus does his first miracle, turning water into wine, I was struck that this is not the Jesus that I grew up believing in. He actually brought wine to a party. He did a miracle without any apparent means whatsoever -- no magic words, no secret ingredients -- it just happened. Then, I thought, a lot of people probably have misconceptions about Jesus. So I created this list of ten ways to know if you believe in the wrong Jesus (from John 2 only...there are lots of other ways to mistake Jesus). So here it is.

You probably have the wrong Jesus if...
  1. He only operates by natural principles.
  2. He wants you to take yourself extremely seriously.
  3. He is more interested in religion than relationship.
  4. He is always begging; he never has quite enough, but barely squeaks by.
  5. He never asks anything unusual of his servants.
  6. He only does things that make immediate sense.
  7. He is more interested in a good church service than he is a good party.
  8. He gives anyone an inside track with different rules.
  9. He needs to put on a show of power so everyone will notice and believe.
  10. He makes people serious, but not happy.

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