Monday, May 03, 2010

Yesterday's Prayer

I read the following prayer in church yesterday and had people request a copy. Here it is. My attempt to preach the gospel to myself as I pray.

Glorious God of Eternity, open my eyes to the grandeur of your throne. Remind me of the myriads that attend you, of the glory of your kingdom, of your infinite, unmatched and unstoppable power. Not that I may be frightened away, but that I might be the more certain that you are able to accomplish that which concerns me.

Convince me anew of your love for me. Remind my soul of the humility of the incarnation, the inhumanity of the trial, the agony of the cross. I want to know again, that you demonstrated your love in this, that while I was a sinner Christ died for me. I want to rest in the certainty that if you did not spare him, how will you not care for me in more minor details.

And, glory, you are wise beyond words. Your understanding has no limits.

You love me and are disposed to my best interest. You are completely beyond opposition and able to act in my best interest. And, you know, in every possible situation, what that best interest will be.

Cause me to humble myself before an awesome God whose desire for my good has no reservations. Why would I rebel against such a king as this? Why would I not surrender completely to Him? Oh God, let me be completely yours. Make my thoughts, words, actions and beliefs match what I know to be true about you and the gospel!

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