Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Day One

Day One, 750 Miles, Bozeman, MT

We drove through a forest fire that has covered the state with smoke. The visibility in Bozeman, 200 miles away is very limited. We can't even see the mountains.

You've heard of a "deer-in-the-headlights" look -- this is it.


EJ said...

Whereabouts was the forest fire? Sounds like it made for some interesting scenery. I hope you all are having a wonderful time!


The Hawke Family said...

Hi Scott and Family,
Just coming in from that area on Saturday...a drive from Billings to home 867 miles I feel for you. We got into 2 fires one on each side of Missoula, the east one slowed traffic down as it was right by the road. The west one looks more like your you remember where it was?
Prayers for a safe trip
Kathy Hawke

Kentucky Life said...

It was pretty hazy when we were there last week. Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Joel and Rachel

Lori Elliott said...

wow, I look like nearly 24/7. Nice to know someone else (or something else) does too.

Lori Elliott said...

what I meant to say is: I look like a deer in the headlights nearly 24/7....

With regard to the fires in Montana, I heard a reported say today, "There is nothing fire fighters can do now; it's in God's hands."

Take care! We miss you all!!