Friday, July 13, 2007

Wrong Number

Try this next time someone calls with a wrong number: Say, "I'm sorry you have a wrong number. May I please take a message."

Marcia did almost that very thing yesterday. At about 7:00 a.m. at home the phone rang. The person asked if this was West Linn Baptist Church. She said, "No".

He then said very quickly, "I'm looking for Brian Janssen."

She calmly replied, "He doesn't work here anymore."

Hmmmm. This isn't West Linn Baptist Church AND he doesn't work here anymore.

You never know what kind of information you'll get next time you say, "I'm sorry you must have a wrong number. May I take a message."

1 comment:

Brian Janssen said...

Creepy. Especially since MY name is Brian Janssen. I am more than a little curious! Next time be ready with the ol' *69!